Mahmud Nazari


Mahmud Nazari (Pashto, Dari: نظري محمود) is a former Nangarhar University lecturer in Afghanistan in Faculty of Agriculture, active writer and Satirist.

Early life


After graduating from Habibia High School (1976) in Kabul, He went on to the University of Kabul and obtained (BS) in Agriculture (1980). After graduating he shortly became a lecturer in Nangarhar University on Faculty of Agriculture.


 In (1989) he received a scholarship to the Agriculture Institute of Tajikistan for MSc (Master of Science). After completing his masters Mahmud Nazari returned to Afghanistan and continued to teach at the Nangarhar University.


 From (1992 to 1996) he worked as a NGO (the head of fruit improvement) department in Afghanistan.


 Mahmud Nazari is the author of more than 40 books in Pashto and Dari, published between (1993 to 2014) he has his own website ( where most of his work can be accessed.


 Now he currently lives in London.




Gardening                                                                                Pashto 1993


Propagation of  Trees                                                              Pashto 1993


Saffron-Growing                                                                     Pashto 1993


The Test Of Chair (Satires)                                                      Pashto 1994


Human Circus (Satires)                                                           Pashto 2005


Blessed With Good Luck (Satires)                                            Dari 2004


Bang Habibullah Bare Footed Man (Short Stories)                    Pashto 2003



Funny Foreign Jokes  (Part 1)                                                  Pashto 2005



Try To Understand!  (Satires)                                                  Pashto 1997



Funny Foreign Jokes (Part 2)                                                   Pashto 2007



Air (Short Stories)                                                                   Pashto 2007


Immigrant Loin (Political Satires)                                           Pashto 2008



Human Number Plate (Political Satires)                                  Pashto 2009



Election Play (Satires)                                                             Pashto 2009



Science & Quran (Research)                                                    Pashto 2006



Heaven Religious (Research)                                                  Pashto 2007



The Sign of Hour (Research)                                                  Pashto 2009



Move a Little Bit (Political Satires)                                         Pashto 2010



Dept From All (Political Satires)                                            Pashto 2010



Legend Birds (Children)                                                       Pashto 2008



What Is Satire (Research)                                                      Pashto 2008



Make Me King (Political Satires)                                           Pashto 2014


Don’t Go America (Political Satires)                                     Pashto 2014



Mythical and Legendary Creatures                                       Pashto 2014



Kandahar Bare Foots (Novel)                                                Dari 2014



Kandahar Bare Foots (Novel)                                                Dari 2013



What Is Soul (Research)                                                       Pashto 2010



Cat Killing Night (Political Satires)                                      Pashto 2012



Who Is Satan (Research)                                                      Pashto 2010



Repartees  (Research)                                                          Pashto 2012



World Satire History – 4 volumes   (Research)                     Pashto 2008



Dream Secret (Research)                                                     Pashto 2010



Speaking Donkey (Political Satires)                                    Pashto 2013



King of Vegetable (Political Satires)                                   Pashto 2013



Angels (Research)                                                              Pashto 2013



Ghosts (Research)                                                              Pashto 2013



Heaven And Hell (Research)                                               Pashto 2013



Satire in Speaking (Research)                                             Pashto 2013



God (Research)                                                                   Pashto 2014


Human Genesis (Research)                                                 Pashto 2014